Giving Tuesday featuring Asia’s Hope

Kid from Crimson Design Group's Thailand Home through Asia's Hope

Giving Tuesday is “a global generosity movement” that touches millions of lives annually.  Crimson Design Group is a big proponent of philanthropy. Our team loves to give back! 

One of the things we are most excited about this Giving Tuesday is our continued campaign to support the house in Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand that was able to be built last year based on the generous giving of our clients, partners, and vendors!  The home has taken in 20 orphaned children and is thriving and that is all because of the gracious gifts that have been given to this cause.  Crimson Design Group continues to partner with Asia’s Hope to keep this home running.  Our goal this year is to reach $50,000 in support of the house, and on Giving Tuesday we would like to see $5,000 of that total raised! 

To learn more about the house and the wonderful children, workers, and family living there, read our latest update! To donate to the home in Thailand, follow this link. We appreciate all of our donors and look forward to seeing how everyone “gives back” this year!

What else can you do? Here are ideas that are blended between what Giving Tuesday recommends and what Crimson Design Group loves to do.

  • Give a smile. Just smiling can turn someone’s day from upside down back around. 🙂 
  • Help someone out. You can give help  to yourself, your friends and family, and others who are in need.  Help someone you see struggling while opening their trunk.  Help someone who may not verbalize they need assistance. 
  • Be present. Be there. Have a friend that is struggling? Give them your time and presence by being there with them during a difficult time. Be present. Simply being there for someone is a method of giving.
  • Share your talent. If you have a talent that you use or one that you are using to freelance some work, that talent could help a nonprofit organization during this time.  Use your talents to help touch others.
  • Use your voice. There are a plethora of outlets that we can use our voices. If we all share our giving through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media outlets, we can see a change.  Trending topics trend because we are taking the time to share experience repeatedly. Giving Tuesday is a global movement partly because of the reach that has been gathered from social media’s power.  Let’s move our giving forward and utilize these outlets to assist others in giving.
  • Give resources. Resources include time, goods, or information. Giving resources to those who do not have as many is a great way to give.
  • Share an #UNselfie. The concept of #UNselfie is removing the “selfie” concept by truly sharing what you have done to give without the sole focus being on yourself.  The goal is to share the experience and show others that you are in full support of Giving Tuesday and giving back.

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