High Point Update: Spring 2019

Twice a year members of our team head to High Point, North Carolina to get inspiration, see what’s new in the design world, and place orders for clients at High Point Market.

Cheryl and Stephanie spent four days in High Point earlier this month. We sat down with them to hear about their favorite trends, moments, details, and more!


What did you see?

I love this Spring High Point. There was tons of color (finally!!) and a lot of Art Deco inspiration.

We saw a lot of wood furniture stained with color rather than your standard wood stain. Greens, yellows, and blues were everywhere.

There were also a lot of Deco-esque curved elements to the furniture we saw. Particularly curved sectionals, tulip shaped chairs, and channel tufting. I also noticed that where last year there were lots of mixed metals in fixtures and finishes, this year mixed materials made an appearance in furniture design. Chairs used velvet and leather, leather and metal, and details were key. Embroidery, carving, nail head details… Craftsmanship and detail work is definitely on the rise!

A few of the vendors also included inspiration boards in their presentation areas. When we present to a client we frequently include a few mood boards for them to reference. It was great to see what the in-house designers were inspired by when they created the furniture, lighting, and fabrics that we were seeing.

What were your favorite trends?

I was so happy to see color and playfulness back in design. For years and years it’s been nothing but tonal design with layers and layers of gray. Now, we’re seeing pinks, yellows, greens, oranges, and reds all making an appearance in design. Artwork is also much more playful and youthful. It doesn’t take itself so seriously. I loved the amount of vibrant portraiture and graphic patterns.

I loved the use of multiple design styles in one space. For example, I loved the mix of midcentury modern furniture and classical elements, like a marble bust. This new trend allows for a more personalized, eclectic design style, which I love.

Customization was also a big trend we saw, that I love. Everything from artwork to furniture to light fixtures- there were so many options. When you have the kinds of creative clients we have, this is so helpful!

What vendors really stood out for you?

I loved this vignette by Highland House. There was a live tree flanked by moss and live flowers. Really everything Highland House did this year was so fresh and exciting. The chair in this vignette felt so Spring-y and vibrant. It really was inspiring.

I also loved this collaboration between Chaddock Home and House of Harris. House of Harris creates amazing fabrics and wallpapers. For this particular item, they lined a Chaddock piece with their Baxter wallpaper pattern. The result was gorgeous.

Another detail I loved in this vignette: The eclectic artwork. The marble bust, neon artwork, and more traditional wallpaper and furniture makes this space layered and so fun!

What excited you the most?

I love the use of detail and craftsmanship! There were hand painted side tables and carvings and inlays in tables and chairs that really elevate the design of the furniture. That attention to detail really adds depth and interest to the pieces we’ll be placing in our clients’ homes.

I’m also so excited about the mix of leather, wood, and metal in furniture design. This table was amazing, a real feast for the eyes. And, again, check out the detail work. There’s a pattern in the metal base of the table (which is wrapped in leather too) which you wouldn’t notice at first. But that’s what makes good design- that kind of attention to detail and appreciation for artistry.

Lastly, I just fell in love with these unique pieces. The lucite chair with the tiger patterned fabric is completely amazing. The emerald green chair is a great statement piece. The patterned side board cabinet has a great global feel that is very “Crimson” and the carved cabinet is a real testament to craftsmanship.

What was your favorite High Point Market moment?

Well, Cheryl and I won a trip to Paris, courtesy of Bernhardt Furniture! It was a thrilling moment, and definitely my favorite!


What did you see?

So much color! Thankfully there is lots of color coming in. We saw a lot of pink, green was a hot color, navy, and bright red. Oh and yellow!! I’m so glad to see red coming back into a trend. It’s so refreshing. There were a lot of nods to Art Deco, too. You could see its influence in furniture design, light fixtures, hardware and even patterns.
Layers of gray are finally diminishing and the farmhouse, reclaimed wood trend is very minimal which I was happy about.
We did see ‘mink’ as a color, that is a bit of gray and brown. I’m not sure I’m ready for that color to be back and to replace gray as a neutral. But it does have a bit of warmth to it.

We also saw furniture pieces designed with a very architectural feel and style. I was especially drawn to the Hickory Chair line by designer Ray Booth.

What were your favorite trends?

Definitely the use of color. But also, the use of detail. We always appreciate attention to detail at Crimson. Even if you don’t immediately notice a carving or embellishment or, say, a hammered detail in a metal bed frame, when your eye lands on it, it just brings your appreciation for the space you’re in to the next level. We live for that moment of happy surprise.

What vendors really stood out for you?

I always love stopping by Design Legacy’s room at High Point. Everywhere you look, there’s something beautiful and full of meaning. I’m always drawn to globally influenced design so Design Legacy is an obvious favorite. The mix of patterns and colors makes me feel like I’m in a candy store. The owner, Kelly O’Neal, is infinitely creative and she collaborates with other amazing designers. I always leave feeling excited to design after visiting the room.

I also loved Alexa Hampton’s work with Theodore Alexander. The red tufted, velvet couch was amazing and well placed in the room. The whole space felt rich, lush, and glamorous while still inviting and comfortable. It can be tough to find that perfect balance. I was definitely taking notes!

I also loved a lot of what Highland House is doing this season! The furniture and color play was so fresh and refreshing. It felt perfect for Spring and got me very excited for our Summer projects.

What was your favorite High Point Market moment?

Stephanie took a hula hoop break… that was definitely one for the books. But then again… we did win a trip to Paris. So it’s a tie.

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