How this New York transplant defines her interior design Fall favorites


Within this series, we are going to be featuring our Designers and their favorites through interviews, videos, and more!  

Our first feature is Sara!  From New York City to Columbus, this London-educated designer shared her fall proclivities with us as part of our Designer Favorites Series.

Sara Hart at the Crimson Design Group Office

Sara Hart, a new team member and Senior Interior Designer who specializes in residential projects, is a West Virginia native with lots of heart, experience, and personality.  Joining us from the Big Apple, Sara previously worked for herself.  Crimson loves thought leaders!

What is interior design (in your own words)?

To me, it is curating your home to best reflect who you are as a person…to think through all aspects of the home and to create a cohesive and tailored environment for each client.

Why did you choose interior design, or did it choose you?

Oh, gosh! I kind of stumbled into it a little bit. After I graduated college, I wasn’t completely sure what to do, and I had an advisor who told me about the grad program that I ended up going to — which is the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.  I was like, “Yes, I want to go to London!” So…I ended up just picking the program that was the most interesting to me, which was the Fine and Decorative Arts and Interior Design program.  So, I kind of stumbled into it and ended up really loving it, and from that school, I made a connection that got me my first job. 

Sotheby’s Institute of Art in the Summer

In London, what was something that you missed the most about the States?

Oh, interesting because people always ask me what I miss about London! I think one of the things I missed most…was my friends and family that are irreplaceable and can’t move with you. You can get basically everything you get here, there, it’s just kind of different.

Finish the sentence, “Fall isn’t complete without…”

I LOVE the crisp fall air. Those really beautiful days when it’s sunny but a little chilly are my favorite.

How do you feel about fall décor as an interior designer?

I don’t think that I would decide toward any specific season. I think it is fun to change up the kind of flower arrangements you have with the seasons. I definitely understand you know having some specific holiday decorations, but I think the biggest thing, interior design wise, when you start to change seasons is you might change a few of your accessories like a lighter throw blanket to a cozier and heavier one for fall and winter.

If you could choose a song that screams fall, what would it be?

I guess when it comes to fall, I would just go with a slower set of songs…

Are we talking Adele?

Adele would be great. Just listen to Adele in your car, that’s perfect for fall.  That was a fantastic suggestion. 

What smells do you associate with the fall?

I love a campfire.  Sitting outside with a campfire is just the absolute best that you can get for the fall.  Also, I love a tree smell.  I like citrus, but I don’t really favor super sugary food smells.

What is your favorite fall drink?

I hate pumpkin spice lattes.  I’m sorry. [laughs]  I guess I go to a Hot Americano, and I do put milk in my Americano; which I realized makes it no longer an Americano.  I like to think of it as a ‘Sara-cano.’  People in Italy would be like, what are you doing? [laughs]

What would be the perfect fall outfit?

Just sweaters all day. Just cozy, cashmere, if you can get it, and cashmere socks. Cashmere everything. It is just my aspiration to have cashmere everything!

What are your go-to accessories?

I wear sunglasses all year round, even in the fall.  Again, my favorite day is very bright, but very cold.  I love a really beautiful scarf. 

What colors and patterns do you like for the season?

I love a solid, but I also like a good plaid scarf.  There are a lot of great kinds of wool and Scottish places where you can source scarves.

Oo, Outlander.

I’m not an outlander fan, but I like their scarves.

What are your design-related faves when it comes to fall?

I do really like changing the bouquets that you have at home.  One of my favorites for fall and winter would be just a thistle plant.  Those really beautiful, this is feeling very Scottish now [laughs], but those very purple, indigo flowers look really beautiful — they last a really long time.  They’re really hearty plants so they’re not as seasonal as some of the things you can only get in the spring and summer. 

Source: Pinterest

What about your favorite places to visit?

I would say driving through Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the fall is really beautiful.  New England has great fall scenery.  I haven’t seen anything to rival it.   The closest I would say…my home state of west Virginia has nice fall leaves. That normally happens in mid to late October, we’re very hilly. 

Where are your favorites places to shop?

I guess I spend a little more time indoors, so I start thinking about fall and winter sales.  I like to think about the art and try to get my art collection going so that I have something beautiful inside to look at.  One of my favorite resources for prints and photography is an online resource called ArtStar. They’re pretty reasonable for collecting interesting pieces.

Who’s your favorite artist?

Oh my gosh!  That’s a really hard question! 

Okay, well try to give me your Top 3.

My favorite kind-of famous artist is probably Matisse.  I enjoy his line drawings and like more of his color studies like his paintings.  I’m a big fan of Helen Frakenthaler and Agnes Martin.

What are your fall must-haves in your home?

Cozy blankets and pillows.  I definitely want, in the fall and winter, to feel so cozy — cocoon myself up.  It is the absolute best when it’s chilly outside and you’re just so comfortable.

Describe your perfect living room for the season.

I would have a lot of seating for guests and myself because you always want to change your perspective a little bit and sit in multiple places.  I would love to have a living room that also functions as a library because I don’t think people really use a living room that often.  I think if you have a space where you can both use it as a living space and a library. I do like to read, it is a great fall activity.  That would be my dream: a library and living room crossover, tons of seating, maybe a nice table space you can use for working or studying, but also you can play card games.  I’d keep it multifunctional, and I would do a neutral base and have pops of color, art, and accessories just so I can change things up and make it feel fresh every few years easily without having to invest a bunch of money and furniture.  For me personally, I like a cozier space, designated spaces, and traveling between rooms. 

Source: A Crimson Design Group Residential Project (Columbus, OH)

What’s your superpower as a designer?

[Thinks on it.] My ability to put together color palettes for clients.

What Sara doesn’t know is that the Crimson Design Group will partake in an interactive activity where we all determine our superpowers!  

This interview was full of laughs and great insights on Sara’s fall favorites.  We are happy that she is part of the Crimson Design Group! 

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