How to Get Into a Creative Mindset: From a Designer’s Perspective

Have you ever had to do a project or task that requires a lot of creativity but you don’t know where to start? Sometimes it can feel like you are in a creative rut when ideas aren’t flowing as quickly as usual. As career creatives, the Crimson team presents tips and methods that can help you get into a more creative mindset and find inspiration.

1. Step away from technology.

      Try staying off your phone, computer and other technology. Less distraction can help you think more clearly. Try using app timers on your phone to limit social media use. Putting your phone on Do Not Disturb mode when you need to focus is also effective

2. Or... Use technology to your advantage

There are many places to get inspiration on the Internet. Applications such as Pinterest as also great for finding ideas. Just search for what you need help with and find thousands of ideas!

3. Make a list.

Organizing your thoughts on paper can get you thinking. Try writing down your goals or objectives, potential ideas (even if you aren’t sure about them), or even just passing thoughts. You may realize that when you start writing, more ideas will pop up

4. Sketch.

Let your mind run free with a pen and paper. There are no limits!

5. Try taking on a simple task.

Do some chores, clean up your space, wash dishes. Working on something that doesn’t require a lot of thought can give you an opportunity to breathe and start thinking about other things and possibly get inspired!

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