Guess what this interior designer’s Fall Favorites are…

To continue our Designer Favorites [Fall Edition], we are going to be hearing from Lisa Woods, a Senior Designer who loves commercial interior design and residential interior design.  The fall season is a favorite for many, and you will get to know why Lisa is starting to love the season so much.

What Lisa loves most about the fall…

Climate change is not just about going green.  In this case, Lisa experienced some major climate change as she moved from the arid lands of Arizona to our temperate state of Ohio.  What Lisa has found since experiencing a ‘true’ fall is that she loves that she can now see the seasons change.  Being that she can now see the seasons and experience the changes that come along with them, it is what she loves most about the fall season.

Fall Favorites


Lisa enjoys shopping at HomeGoods and auction sites.  Most of us have reached to the point where we have to stop ourselves from frequenting HomeGoods due to the amazingness that the store carries.  Auction sites are super fun for Lisa because she can find lots of unique things.


Her favorite fall drink is apple cider. There’s something about apple cider that aligns with the spirit of fall.


No one can go wrong with a nice pair of earrings. Lisa’s go-to accessory for the fall are earrings. She likes to switch them up while still having a dainty look. 


Just like most of us, Lisa loves layering!  Her reason for layering is because you won’t be stuck with too much or too little with one article of clothing. Having a sweater, scarves, and other layers could help you stay snug in the morning while giving you the ability to be free from most of it in the afternoon sun.


Who doesn’t love 70’s music. Lisa mentioned the Eagles being a connection to the season for her.  From Fleetwood Mac to The Jackson 5…that’s great music! 


When it comes to fall décor, many want the same look: pumpkins, lots of straw, and the traditional color palette.  Lisa prefers to focus on warm and muted tones.  With this, she loves layering blankets.  (No one is opposed to bundling up, right?) She also enjoys layering candles to make the atmosphere as cozy and practical as possible. If you are interested in more ways to prepare your home for the fall and winter seasons, read our recent blog post here on 10 easy ways to do so.

Say it with me…plaid! (Who else thought that you were about to read ‘sunlight!’? A nice Bring It On reference.)  Plaid is one of the patterns that just as we love it for fall, so does fall.  Having nice plaids and stripes to go along with solid colors are a traditional mixture for the season.  However, Lisa likes to have her colors muted.  She likes to have color stories that are warm and muted.  This means no bright colors or colors that would be difficult to attach to others.

Quiz Time

To wrap up this interview, we ended in a speed round.  Here are the answers to Lisa’s quiz!

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