Lacquer Cabinets are Back + Here to Stay!

Image of woman standing at bar, making a drink. image is a little bit blurry. cabinets are lacquered and navy. doors behind bar are windows, allowing for lots of natural light

In our industry trends come and go, but certain timeless elements always find their way back into our design room. One that is making a return in 2024 are lacquered cabinets. Known for their sleek finish and versatility, lacquer cabinets are reclaiming their place in modern homes.


The Allure of Lacquer:


Lacquer has historically been used for centuries to add an attractive, glossy finish to various surfaces; cabinets being a popular choice for many. The appeal of lacquer lies in its ability to add depth to any room. This sleek finish not only enhances the visual appeal of cabinets (an often overlooked element), but also elevates the space as a whole, allowing clients to dream and create a unique focal point in their space.


Versatility in Design:


Lacquer cabinets are incredibly versatile in design and never truly go out of style. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look or a more bold style, lacquer cabinets adapt to nearly any design aesthetic.


Sleek and Streamlined:


With the increasing popularity of minimalism, lacquer cabinets fit seamlessly into modern design aesthetics. The streamlined appearance of lacquer cabinets adds a touch of sophistication. Their reflective surfaces create an illusion of depth, making them an ideal choice for smaller rooms where maximizing light and visual appeal is crucial.


Durability and Easy Maintenance:


Luxury meets practicality. Lacquer finish provides a protective layer that is more resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture. This durability ensures that the materials maintain their appearance over time and require minimal upkeep. The simple maintenance and long-lasting beauty make lacquer cabinets a practical and attractive choice.

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