Luxe Belle: Luxury Student Housing Comes to Columbus

Vivid. Inviting. Eclectic. Luxurious. These are not words typically associated with student housing. But, then again, nothing about Luxe Belle is typical.

From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to create a student housing experience unlike any other. Working closely with our client, builder developer Preferred Living, we began our design using their brand aesthetic as a starting point. Specializing in multifamily housing for young professionals, the Preferred Living brand draws inspiration from the craftsmanship of the past, the atmosphere and amenities of luxury boutique hotels, and most importantly, the needs and lifestyles of their tenants. As the tenants of this building would be a bit younger than Preferred’s typical customer, we needed to design a space that felt more contemporary and offered amenities perfectly suited for a student’s needs.

The future inhabitants of Luxe Belle would be students of The Ohio State University, ranging in age from eighteen to their mid-twenties (millennials and generation z students). This generation is known for being content creators, never without their cellphones and always looking for an Insta-worthy pic. They spend time outside their rooms, looking to build a community and these group gatherings make for prime opportunities to post to social media. With most college level work requiring an internet connection, they need high speed WiFi and plenty of outlets.  Their style is a combination of vintage inspired and fashion forward pieces.

With all of this in mind, we got to work. We sought to create a design forward, colorful space with a youthful vibe and plenty of distinct areas for studying, entertainment, and socializing.

Today’s colleges and universities create common spaces that are living-learning environments. We decided to take that idea and run with it, by making the clubhouse a multi-use space: ideal for learning, dining, gaming, and more. We wanted Luxe Belle to be a place where students could create their own, unique community. To that end, in addition to a lounge area, we included several arcade games, multiple seating areas, and a popcorn machine in our design. Plus, with multiple TV screens, we imagined that the space could be used for viewing parties and game nights. The clubhouse also features a gym and tanning booth; we really covered every base!

For the studious tenant, we created a 24-hour Starbucks coffee bar and plenty of areas for studying. Custom booth seating creates comfortable space for group projects, and high top tables are ideal for partner-studying. Students who prefer to study solo can take advantage of the study bar we built in the clubhouse common area. In an effort to debunk the myth that study halls need to be sterile and bleak, we filled these areas with pops of color, fun textures, and a beautiful mural featuring the Columbus skyline and local landmarks. (Talk about Insta-worthy!)

For post-studying, relaxed hang outs, we designed a lounge that shares a wall with a brand new Taco Bell, the building’s name sake. With its steamer trunk, cognac colored couch, and teal chairs, this room is a calming call back to vintage design with a contemporary edge.

Another favorite detail in the clubhouse’s design is the foyer’s reception area. From the glass decanter light fixture above the custom built front desk, to the hand made, peacock blue cabinetry behind it, the building’s entry way is full of vintage inspired details that elevate the space while maintaining a youthful flair.

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