Meet our new Expediting Coordinator, Fritz Fulton

Headshot of Fritz Fulton - Crimson Design Group Expediting Coordinator

Meet Fritz Fulton

As we continue to grow, we are excited to introduce you to our newest team member. Help us welcome Fritz Fulton who is our Expediting Coordinator.

Headshot of Fritz Fulton - Crimson Design Group Expediting Coordinator

Born and raised in Columbus, Fritz is a husband, new home owner, and lover of expediting. In his spare time he is currently enjoying the science fiction novel, “The Lord of Light.” Fritz is full of personality and eagerness to be part of the Crimson family.

Although Fritz did not start in interior design, he did start in an industry based around aesthetic. Prior to working at Crimson Design Group, Fritz was in the apparel industry. 

“I was looking for a challenge. This is a much— grander— task in terms of the diversity of the types of projects. It is different and much more fast paced, but I have been up to the challenge.”

Living Room Photo of High End Glamour Project

(from our High End Glamour project)

However, he is not a complete stranger to interior design as he and his wife have been designing their new home. Fritz is now seeing the vastness and diversity of the world of furnishings and interior design, and it makes him want a designer to see the inside of their home. 

Fritz enjoys applying the following quote to his lifestyle: 

Be a nice human.

While he is also pushing to be a nice human, Fritz is also in the process of continuing his education. As a graduate of Columbus State Community College, Fritz happily joined the Crimson team knowing of the endless possibilities of continuing education and professional development within his field. He is determined to find what he wants to be when he grows up. A question that he asks most adults to challenge them is to work on finding what they truly want to do.

Lavanzo Island Italy - Fritz Fulton Vacation Inspiration

Here are some fun things about Fritz

If you had to be a chair what kind would you be?

A recliner. It is the perfect reading chair. 

Drink of choice

Water — the liquid of life

Can’t live without


Favorite place in the world?

Somewhere hot, sunny, and sandy

Special skills/talents?

Really good sandwich making. If it is just a snack, a club sandwich is the way to go.

What’s top on your bucket list?

Taking a “real” honeymoon with my wife and travel to Europe

Favorite extravagance?

Breakfast for dinner

Our team members are wonderful. We only hire the best to work here at Crimson Design Group. If you think that you’ll be a good fit for our team, check out our Careers page to see if any of our open positions connect with your expertise.

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