Meet our new Procurement Coordinator, Melissa Hoover

Melissa Hoover - Procurement Coordinator

Meet Melissa Hoover

Crimson has been growing our team over the past few months. We are so excited to share with you that we have a new Procurement Coordinator, Melissa Hoover. 

Melissa Hoover - Procurement Coordinator

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Melissa is a lover of food, fun, and comfort. When asked why she is a procurement professional, she responded with the following: 

“I’ve always had a passion for interior design, and I appreciate the thought that it is a “form of expression.” I love that with procurement, I could help bring our designers’ concepts alive by assisting them in acquiring these amazing “forms of expression” into our clients’ spaces.”

Photo from Globally Inspired Project by Crimson Design Group

(from Globally Inspired, one of Melissa’s favorite Crimson Design Group projects)

Melissa has definitely jumped right in to make sure that our clients’ are getting the most out of their spaces and experience. With her innate ability to help others, a quality that is helpful within procurement and expediting, Melissa was born to assess and apply. However, she was not always in procurement. 

Originally, Melissa was in the medical field. After some time, she noticed that it wasn’t for her. With a new journey ahead, Melissa decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in fashion merchandising. 

“There is always something new happening. Every day is not the same. I enjoy seeing projects end-to-end: form initial states of planning and design, to the middle states of ordering and installing, to the end stage where we have the final product. It is so fun learning design concepts from the designers in the process.”

Photo from Cape Cod Project by Crimson Design Group

(another favorite of Melissa is our Cape Cod project, and as she stated she would be the best love seat)

Here are some fun things about Melissa...

Top Favorites Foods

Pho and Salaw Machu Kroeung 

If you had to be a chair what kind would you be?

A loveseat due to liking comfort, love, and sharing my space. 

Drink of choice

Something with elderflower or dirty martini extra olives.

Can’t live without

Having a group of people that just gets me. My sisters because I can be myself times one hundred with them.

Favorite place in the world?

Because I haven’t been to a lot of places, I would say that my favorite place would be my mom’s house or Tulum, Mexico.

Special skills/talents?

I can do character and baby voices really well.

What’s top on your bucket list?

To travel to Greece, Takis [Animal] Shelter, to help volunteer at an animal sanctuary so that I can help these animals know what love is and care for them. I also want to go to the Territorios De Zaguates in Costa Rica. I love animals and am an animal advocate for safety and love.

Favorite extravagance?


Let's go!

Our team members are wonderful. We only hire the best to work here at Crimson Design Group. If you are needing help with an interior design project, residential or commercial, reach out to us and one of our team members will be happy to get in touch with you!

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