Moody Interiors

With Fall in the air, we decided to plan some blogs that give homage to this wonderful time of year! Being a season all about “the dark”, we thought it would be appropriate to write a blog about creating dark and moody interiors.

Using dark colors can be scary, just like some of those Halloween movies you watch. So many thoughts may be running through your mind. “Is my room going to be too dark? Am I going to feel claustrophobic? Am I the right person to use darker colors and decor?” 

Today in the World of Crimson, learn more about what moody interiors are, why you should incorporate them into your home, and where!

What Are Moody Interiors?

One common misconception is that moody interiors will exclusively use black. Black is a great color to incorporate in design, but it’s not right for everyone. 

You can create a moody atmosphere by using darker hues of any color. This being said, a dark palette is not only for masculine spaces. Dark colors can be used to create masculine spaces, but they can also be used to create a feminine space, full of moody elegance. 

Below are some examples of moody interiors using dark colors other than black!

Who Should Use Moody Interiors?

Some people think that only the brave who lean toward a contemporary style can pull off a moody interior. However, dark and moody interiors are appropriate for anyone holding to any type of design style. 

Why Design Moody Interiors?

You may be thinking “why would I risk using dark and moody colors in interior design when there is a high likelihood that I will mess it up?” Below are some reasons for you to consider!

Moody Interiors are Appropriate for Certain Spaces

A moody color palette is simply appropriate for some rooms. Have you ever been to a theatre or cinema with bright walls or light flooring? Neither have we. It makes sense to use dark colors in a theatre or cinema because this palette will support the main function of these spaces.

Anything with a dark color will recede. Theatres use moody colors in their design because these dark walls, ceilings, and furniture will fade away, allowing for the focus to be on the stage or screen. In the same way, there are some rooms in your home which warrant a moodier palette.

Moody Interiors are Dramatic

Using dark colors in your interior will also make a statement. Do you want to wow your guests? Look no further than incorporating dark and moody colors. 

Moody Interiors Showcase Pieces

A darker palette will also display artwork and furniture beautifully. As the dark walls recede and become part of a background, your favorite furniture pieces and accessories move to the foreground, standing out more than they would in a lighter room.

Moody Interiors Create Intimacy

Finally, as discussed in our blog, Design Tips for Fall, dark hues will create intimacy. Dark palettes enclose a room making it moody, relaxing and comfortable. Use a dark palette in specific rooms to create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere!

Where To Incorporate Moody Interiors?

As mentioned earlier, theatres and movie rooms are great rooms to use dark decor and design. A dark palette can be fitting for other rooms in your home too.

Small spaces

Surprisingly to some, we prefer using dark colors in small rooms. Many of your fears may be coming back after that statement. “It’s going to be too dark; I’m going to feel claustrophobic; it’s going to make the space feel even smaller.”

Remember, when you apply a darker color to something, it will recede. Painting the walls of a small room dark will cause the walls will recede. As a result, the walls will be less of a focal point, creating a space that feels larger.


Moody bathrooms allow you to create a statement with the vanity and mirror. As the dark walls and ceiling fade into the background, these beautiful pieces get the opportunity to be the center of attention. 


It’s also useful to incorporate dark colors in your bedroom. If dark colors help create moody and relaxing atmospheres, why wouldn’t you want that in your bedroom? A dark and comfortable bedroom will not only be a sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day but could even help you get more sleep!

Home Study and Library

Remember, a dark palette isn’t synonymous with a black palette. One of our favorite rooms to use a moody palette is a home study or library. Dark walls or rich wood paneling will create a calm space perfect for studying and reading.

Dining Rooms

Do you want the perfect dining room to eat, drink, and linger? Apply a dark palette. Dark hues will establish an intimate mood ideal for Thanksgiving dinners or cocktail hours. 

Art Walls

Finally, consider using moody colors to form a dark backdrop for your favorite artwork. This will allow your favorite paintings and photographs to grab any wandering eye.

Hopefully, this blog helped you face your fears of using dark colors to create moody interiors. Dark palettes have the potential to create glamorous spaces that perfectly set the mood for any room.

Check-in with us in 2 weeks to learn tips for accessorizing these moody interiors! Next week on the blog we will be announcing some big news- don’t miss it!

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