Rubelli’s Archive Collection: An Exclusive Tour

Last week, Cheryl and Luis recounted their trip to Italy and the abiding memories formed on this family vacation. After visiting the various museums and exhibits during La Biennale Di Venezia, Cheryl and Luis were invited to one more special “exhibit”. This exhibit, however, contained art of a different nature. Rather than photographs, paintings, and virtual experiences from the world of contemporary art, this museum houses some of the world’s most historically luxurious fabrics. Beginning at the end of the 19th century, Rubelli is a textile company rich in style and history.


Thanks to our good friend Nicole Clarke, Cheryl and Luis were able to get an exclusive inside look at the home of some of the world’s most well crafted and beautiful fabrics. Today on the blog, hear about their experience at the showroom and Archives Collection in the home of Rubelli textiles in Venice, Italy.


According to Luis, Rubelli is to fabrics as Ferrari is to cars. Today, one can look at a Ferrari and see a well-crafted, state of the art luxury vehicle. If that same person were to look at a model from the early 1900s, they would see those same elements. Throughout its lifetime, Ferrari has historically produced beautiful, one of a kind vehicles by holding to their roots of high-end luxury craftsmanship. Likewise, throughout their history, Rubelli has prioritized creating fabrics rich in vibrant colors, intricate patterns, elegant materials, and significance. As a result, both traditional and modern Rubelli fabrics are consistent, impressive works of art.


The building Luis and Cheryl visited was made up of three parts. The first floor being the showroom, the second floor, the Archives collection, and the third floor, the home of the Rubelli family. Cheryl and Luis actually experienced one of the Rubelli youngsters running throughout the building playing a game. For Cheryl and Luis, this experience lent credence to the deep familial commitment to carrying on the Rubelli legacy. 


Throughout the building, there are also temperature-controlled rooms holding the looms which produce their fabrics. While the showroom holds many beautiful fabrics, the floor that held Cheryl and Luis’ attention was the Archives Collection.


The Archives Collection contains fabrics that weave together rich materials, history, and unique stories. These preserved fabrics tell significant stories of Rubelli’s past while also acting as the foundation for future fabric designs. 


This fabric was originally made for an opera house in St. Petersburg, Russia. Being threaded with gold, this fabric became so heavy that the temperature of the room containing the loom had to be even more controlled for the safety of the fabric. With fabrics like this that have a high level of detail, women were historically the main producers. Men, with their large hands, could not be trusted to create the intricate designs required.


This specially-made fabric (left) was for a Royal Family in China. Giorgio Armani loved this fabric so much that he requested Rubelli to recreate it as a modern version for his Armani Casa line (right). As you can see, this recreation still emanates the luxury and history of the original fabric, while adding a modern twist with the darker palette.


The fabric above is actually made of 24 karat gold threads. Rubelli understood that if multiple people worked on this roll of fabric, the risk of variation in the gold threading would be high. Being an exclusive fabric for an important client, one person was given the sole responsibility of producing the entire roll of fabric to ensure consistency throughout. The story behind this fabric embodies Rubelli’s commitment to creating a seamless piece of art that exceeds expectations. 


In the cabinets throughout the Archives Collection are drawers enclosing loose fabrics, each drawer presenting not only a new fabric but a new story. In one of these drawers lies numerous fabrics that had been curated for religious establishments throughout Europe. The level of detail belonging to the woven saints and religious figures on these fabrics pay breathtaking homage to Rubelli’s timeless, handcrafted roots.


Cheryl and Luis were simply amazed at the consistency of Rubelli’s fabrics. With a family company that has been around for over a century, the fact that their product is just as impressive and opulent as it was when originally founded speaks to a well-crafted work of art that transcends time. Because of this, there is confidence that Rubelli’s products will always rest on the foundation of classic and vivid elements, even as they are recreated to include a modern twist.


From the details on the hand railings to tapestries and chandeliers, the original details of this home speak to the rich history that has occurred there. It was such an amazing experience for Cheryl and Luis to not only learn the history of this impressive company but experience it as well. Thank you Rubelli for the tour and thanks again Nicole for making it happen!

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