Statement Pieces in Commercial Interior Design: Adding Wow-Factor to Your Space

Stone woman sculpture printed on elevator doors for unique pop of contrast in hospitality space. Pink and gold accents, unique and bold art

In an increasingly competitive business and hospitality industry, every little advantage can make a major difference in the ongoing success of a business. While factors such as durability, energy efficiency, and functionality are obviously important, creating a “wow” factor through interior design is equally critical. Crimson Design Group is uniquely qualified to create an environment that impresses guests or makes employees want to return to work. We compiled some thought-provoking ways that we use to make a statement in commercial spaces:


Not Your Average Railings

Railings serve a dual purpose in commercial interiors—ensuring safety while also contributing to the overall ambiance. Among the various trending railing styles, glass railings are gaining prominence. Their sleek appearance seamlessly blends with diverse interior designs, while their capacity to transmit natural light fosters a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, their durability and ease of maintenance make them a practical choice for commercial spaces. Glass railings offer a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and practicality.


Layered Lighting

There is arguably no single aspect of design more important than lighting. Lighting does everything from setting the mood to ensuring safety. While natural lighting is essential, artificial lighting sources should be strategically sourced and placed to achieve the desired effect. The options are endless; decorative ceiling fixtures can add a touch of elegance where it is needed, and wall sconces can add an artistic, yet functional flair.


Flowing Partitions

With more clients leveraging the open interior concept, it is important to come up with creative ways to customize their space. Pairing wall partitions with glass railings keep light flowing through the space and are easily adjustable to help create defined areas without taking away from the open concept. This makes them a great choice for hotels or office spaces that need to quickly reconfigure space for different purposes, and are customizable to their needs.


Textured Accents

Contrast is critical in order to give your space that extra “wow,” and texture is one of the best ways to enhance visual contrast. Features such as a standout Pierre Frey wallpaper, exposed wooden ceiling beams, and stone accent walls can be equally impactful. Layering different textures takes design to new levels; our design team is not afraid to play around and experiment with different elements! 


Designing attractive and distinctive interiors is crucial in modern commercial spaces. By creating environments that make people want to come back or motivate employees to excel, businesses can stand out with creative, daring, and visually appealing designs.


This blog was co-written by Brian Jeffries, a freelance writer out of Winter Park, Florida. His work can also be found on Building Product Advisor

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