The Hottest Travel Destinations of 2024

beautiful picture of the south african coast with bright blue waters, greenery, and white beaches

From picturesque beaches to vibrant cultural hubs, the world is filled with exciting destinations. If you know Cheryl, our CEO & Founder, you know her passport is filled with stamps from around the world. Here are some of the hottest travel spots you should consider for your next adventure, and a few of Cheryl’s favorites, too:

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast continues to captivate travelers with its cliffs, charming villages, and bright blue waters. Drive along the scenic coastline, relax on the beaches of Positano, or take a boat trip to the island of Capri.




  • Ravello’s cliffside gardens
  • Limoncello tasting tours
  • Hiking the Path of the Gods

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a vibrant place that combines rich history, stunning architecture, and a lively cultural scene. Explore its historic center, visit world-class museums, or indulge in its renowned culinary offerings.




  • Zócalo and the Metropolitan Cathedral
  • National Museum of Anthropology
  • Chapultepec Park and Castle

  • Santorini, Greece

Famous for its white and blue buildings, stunning sunsets, and crystal-clear waters, Santorini is perfect for romantic getaways and sun-soaked vacations.




  • Catch a sunset in Oia
  • Exploring ancient ruins at Akrotiri
  • Wine tasting in local vineyards

  • Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona offers the perfect blend of beach days and city night. Explore the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí, stroll along La Rambla, and go tanning on Barceloneta Beach. The city’s vibrant food scene and bustling markets are also a must-see.




  • Sagrada Familia
  • Park Güell
  • Boqueria Market

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a dynamic city with a stunning natural backdrop. Take a cable car up Table Mountain, explore the vibrant V&A Waterfront, or visit the historic Robben Island. Cape Town’s diverse culture and adventure opportunities make it a once-in-a-lifetime destination.




  • Table Mountain 
  • Cape Point Nature Reserve
  • Safari at Kruger National Park

  •  Nice, France

Nice, located in the stunning South of France, offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and seaside charm. Stroll along the Promenade des Anglais, explore the vibrant Old Town, and relax on its beautiful beaches.




  • Promenade des Anglais
  • Castle Hill 
  • Marc Chagall National Museum

Whether you’re looking for cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes, or thrilling adventures, these destinations are sure to make your summer unforgettable. Go grab your passport and hop on that flight! 

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