The Life of a Design Project: Install Day

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hire an interior designer? Or have you worked with a designer before, but wondered what goes on behind the scenes? We’re taking you behind the scenes in our blog series, The Life of a Design Project! In this four part series, follow along as we take you from the Design Concept phase of a residential project, all the way to Install Day!

For the project we’ll be following in this series, the clients are remodeling their basement, furnishing multiple rooms in their home, remodeling their powder room, and putting in new window treatments throughout the home. They also have a great room with a unique design challenge: the room is open and airy with walls that are, floor to ceiling, 20 feet tall and completely bare. The lead designer on their project is Jessica Jones!

In this week’s (and the final) installment, we’ll take you behind the scenes on Install Day!

Before Install Day can occur, designers work through the Design Phase, Selections Phase, and Construction Phase to create the perfect space for their client.

Did you miss our other installments, or has it been a while since you read the beginning of this series? Refresh yourself on what goes into a Design Project below!

Design Phase

Selections Phase

Construction Phase

Install Day

Install Day is really, what makes it all worth it. It’s the day on which a designer can see their vision come to life and reveal the results of months of hard work to their client. It’s the “wow” moment that all clients dream of, and it’s definitely one of our favorite days in the life of a design project.

The day before Install Day, a designer is still working on last minute touches. She will select items from our inventory and even do some local shopping if necessary. This covers everything from throws and pillows to artwork and accessories: items that finish a room’s design. For this project, Jessica selected pillows and blankets from our stock as well as several vases and art pieces!

On Install Day, Jessica coordinated delivery of all furniture and large items with our white glove delivery service, Columbus Easy Move. As the movers installed the furniture under Jessica’s direction, draperies and artwork were installed.

Did you know? The average install takes 6 hours for a whole home/ 2 hours for one room. Accessorizing usually takes an additional 3 to 6 hours. Two day installs are ideal to make sure everything is in its proper place!

After the large pieces were installed, Jessica placed the soft goods and accessories she had selected throughout the house. She finessed and layered pieces in the great room, dining room, bedrooms, and spare room in the finished basement.

The next day, Jessica walked with the client through their newly finished space, pointing out all of the new additions. She asked them for their first impressions, their immediate reactions, and if there was anything they’d like changed.

After the walkthrough, Jessica put together a proposal and invoice for the client, listing all of the accessories and art pieces she’d placed on install day. The client lived with the new items for a week, and sent back anything they didn’t want.

And thus, the design project was complete!

Thank you for following along with us on this journey! If you’d like to work with us on your project, send us an email at or give us a call at 614-444-3743! We’d love to talk with you!

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