The Rising Food Trends of Summer

Fresh hot plate of chocolate chip cookies on a white plate with a black embellished napkin. A hand is grabbing pointer fingers to pick up the cookies.

Summer 2024 is set to excite food fans with new food trends and fresh twists on old favorites. Here are some of the hottest food trends to look out for this summer:

  1. Plant-Based Innovations

The vegan/vegetarian movement continues to thrive, with new and creative ways to enjoy meatless meals.

Plant-Based Alternatives: Innovations in plant-based seafood and meat are surging in popularity, offering sustainable and delicious alternatives.

Vegetable-Centric Dishes: Expect to see more dishes where veggies are the star such as cauliflower steaks or zucchini noodles.

  1. Sustainable and Locally Sourced Ingredients

The focus on sustainability and local sourcing is stronger than ever, with an emphasis on reducing emissions and supporting local farmers.

Farm-to-Table Experiences: More and more restaurants are curating menus that change with the seasons and feature locally sourced ingredients.

Sustainable Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging for takeout and delivery is becoming the standard, with materials like biodegradable plastics and reducing single-use containers.

  1. Global Flavors and Fusion Cuisine

Fusion dishes that blend flavors and techniques from around the world are set to be a big hit this summer.

Asian-Latin Fusion: Think Korean tacos, sushi burritos, and bao buns filled with Latin-inspired ingredients.

African Spices: Spices and flavors from African cuisines, such as harissa or peri-peri are being incorporated into well-known dishes.

  1. Desserts that Suit Everyone 

Desserts are getting a healthy makeover to suit all kinds of food restrictions, with a focus on natural ingredients and reduced sugar content.

Superfood Sweets: Desserts incorporating superfoods like matcha, açai, and chia seeds for added health benefits.

Low-Sugar or Keto Treats: Options like keto ice creams, low-sugar brownies, and gluten-free cookies are gaining traction and are tasting more like the real deal. 

  1. Experimental Cocktails

From unique cocktails to just as good mocktails, this summer is all about innovative sips.

Botanical Cocktails: Drinks infused with floral and herbal notes like elderflower, lavender, and basil.

Edible Elements: Garnishes such as edible flowers, gold dust, or glitter are increasingly popular on craft cocktail lists and are practically begging to be on your Instagram feed. 

Summer 2024 is going to be a vibrant season for the culinary world, with trends that emphasize sustainability, health, and creativity. Whether you’re dining out or experimenting in your own kitchen, these trends are sure to offer inspiration that elevates your dining experience.

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