The Transformative Power of Art in Interior Design

Large picture frame placed on ground, picture is of a marble building with large tall columbus

Art has the incredible ability to tell stories, convey emotions, and serve as a form of personal expression. Our Design Team at Crimson has a keen eye for selecting unique and thought-provoking pieces that perfectly compliment our client’s spaces. 


Supporting Local Artists


Choosing to support the work of local artists is not only a design choice but also a statement of support for the community you belong to. It establishes a connection between the space and the vibrant culture, fostering a sense of pride and community spirit. We are currently showcasing local artist, Anna Sokol and her one-of-a-kind collection. There are two great opportunities to shop her collection as well as browse our full gallery; our First Friday event on March 1st (tickets here) or our artist happy hour on March 14th (tickets here)


Diverse Mediums, Endless Possibilities


Artists work with a diverse range of mediums, from paintings and sculptures to textiles and ceramics. Explore the various possibilities of incorporating different art forms into various spaces, each contributing its own unique texture and visual appeal. Try textured wall art in your living room, or a bright, large scale print in your kitchen. 


Creating Focal Points


Curated art can serve as a captivating focal point in any room. Whether it’s a striking painting above a fireplace, a sculpture in a corner, or a gallery wall, these centerpieces draw the eye and anchor the design, making a powerful statement about the space. 


Color Palette Inspiration


Artwork often features distinct colors that can inspire the overall design of a space. Explore how the hues and tones in a painting or sculpture can be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding decor, creating a cohesive environment. Consider bright, striking colors for common spaces to wow your guests, and more muted, relaxing colors for bedrooms, that promote a sense of tranquility. 


Custom Commissions


Consider commissioning a local artist to open the door to endless creative possibilities. Pieces that are tailored to the specific aesthetics of the space ensure a truly one-of-a-kind design that cannot be replicated. You can even explore the option of a custom mural by local muralist, local to Columbus, we love Sarah Hout.


Incorporating art into interior design feeds creativity and individual expression. Consider shopping our uniquely curated art collection at The Bazaar (shop here) or make an appointment here to speak with our Gallery Coordinator, Marielle, about how we can help transform your space with art! 

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