The best ways to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures to make your room stand out!

When choosing the right patterns and textures for your home, you want to be sure that you already have your color stories.  If you need help finding colors for each room, read our blog post on colors stories, or, contact us for assistance.


You want to be sure that your patteen choices make sense.  For example, Jessica is placing a striped pattern with another pattern that also has lines.  By having a connection in the line symmetry, or the concept of lines, these patterns will be able to work well together.

If we take a look at the floral patterned sample above, we can see that it is full of deep colors, designs, and has opacity within some of its design.  This prompted Jessica to match other patterns that were solid due to the busyness of the floral patterned design.

Making sure that your patterns are not overwhelming when mixing and matching are very important in residential interior design.


In interior design, it is always amazing to experience and see the textures that you can use to make a beautiful story.  As you see above, we have coarse and smooth textures to aid in our storytelling.  By blending coarse and smooth textures, you are able to get a feel of how versatile you’d like your space to be.

Here you see various textures working together to make a beautiful story within both home design and commercial interior design.

Patterns x Textures

The process of mixing and matching patterns and textures is so much fun!  You can create entertaining stories when you have various textures and patterns to play with throughout your space.  For example, think about a collector.  They typically love showing off their areas due to the different textures and patterns of their collections.  This can be from collecting cards to décor items.

Another example would be from our Globally Inspired Project. This beautiful leather has been coupled with patterned and textured pillows.  It creates a beautiful story of global culture.

We have plenty of projects with pattern and texture mixing and love encouraging our cites to experiement through mixing.  If you would like to know how you can incorporate mixing colors, patterns, and/or textures within your space, let us know!

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