Sponsor Profile: Trinity Financial

Crimson is embarking on its most ambitious project yet! We’re taking our philanthropy to a grand, global scale and inviting you all to join us on this new, international project! We’re kicking off fundraising for a new home for 20 orphaned or abandoned children in Chiang Rai, Thailand with a party on November 9th. But, we couldn’t host this party without our great sponsors!

Today we’re interviewing Geoffrey Biehn of Trinity Financial, our biggest event sponsor, about why Trinity chose to join us on this journey!

Geoffrey, as the founder of Trinity Financial, you decided to donate $10,000 towards our event on November 9th. Has philanthropy always been important to you and your business?

Geoffrey: Absolutely! We’ve been in business for fourteen years and philanthropy has been a cornerstone of our company’s culture since the beginning. We have a special department within the company known as The Trinity Fund. From this fund, employees are given a couple thousand dollars to donate to any philanthropic organization of their choosing, with one stipulation: it has to benefit people. We value giving back so much that when we hire new employees, we specifically look for people who have a generosity of spirit, a desire to give back.

Employees are also given the opportunity to go on a service trip every other year. We donate towards their trip, up to a few thousand dollars. Actually, as we speak one of Trinity’s employees is on a service trip in South Africa!

That’s incredible! Why do you think philanthropy is important to you?

Well we really believe in investing in what matters, and for us, that’s supporting those who need it the most. I always say to my children that you have no control over what situation you were born into. We were born in the US, into families with great parents and all the privilege that comes with that. So, we have the distinct privilege of being able to help those in need!

Which organizations do you donate to, locally, from the Trinity Fund?

Locally, Trinity supports Grace Haven, Lower Lights, and Freedom A La Carte, among others.

Do you support any international organizations?

Actually, yes! In fact, we’ve worked with Asia’s Hope, before! My family has been fortunate enough to help in the sponsoring of two brand new homes in Cambodia! We’ve even gone to visit and are planning another visit soon. We love Asia’s Hope and what they stand for: creating real family homes with loving parents and siblings for vulnerable children. We honestly can’t believe we get to be part of the good work Asia’s Hope is doing. Trinity also donates to charities in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and elsewhere in Asia.

Why did you decide to support our event?

Crimson designed our building’s lobby and our office, and we just love our new spaces. When Cheryl reached out and asked if we’d be interested in participating in this new adventure, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with you guys again! When you do something important alongside other families or businesses, you’re part of a team and there’s a lot of great energy and heart behind everything. Besides, as I mentioned, we love Asia’s Hope. This is a great opportunity to be part of Asia’s Hope in a new country!

As a wealth management firm, what sets Trinity apart?

Well, we currently manage over $200 million for about 100 clients. But we only take on four to six new clients per year and we spend more time with them than your typical wealth management specialist. We value relationships above all else. After all, we’re involved in nearly all aspects of our clients’ financial life; from college planning to retirement, we’re there for them. To that end, we don’t charge our clients an hourly fee. Instead, we charge them a yearly retainer. That way, they’ll never be afraid to give us a call if they have a question or want to schedule a meeting.

We also come from different backgrounds than typical wealth management consultants. Our team members have been CFOs, corporate treasurers, and have worked in executive finance. I think that gives us the ability to truly understand where our clients are coming from, especially if they’re business owners. Our business’s three tenants are integrity, discipline, and excellence, and I think it really shows!

The Trinity Team, along with our other fantastic sponsors will all be at our November 9th party! Make sure to say hi if you see them there!

If you’re interested in being a sponsor or attending the event, click here!

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