Work Hard, Play Hard: Putting Company Culture to Work

Building a healthy culture is like flossing every day. Whichever employee you don’t want to lose requires daily nurturing and attention from you and your leadership team. Culture-building is one of the most important skills we teach our clients during their first VIP day (one of Gail Doby’s coaching programs). Cheryl Stauffer, owner of Crimson Design Group, is a savvy entrepreneur that has participated in Gaily Doby coaching and has elevated culture to a new level. 

1. What are some of the most impactful things you've implemented to build a successful culture?

We take time to celebrate what’s important in our employees’ lives and all their big wins. It is important to us to value each other’s company and well-being by holding team lunches and team wellness events each month. We cook together and do fun creative events together.   

Once a year, we do a two-day company retreat off-site to allow everyone on our team to give feedback on areas where we need to improve and what we do well, and really focusing on our culture.   

We have also defined our core values which defines how we select and maintain our members. 

2. Why or how do you think a healthy culture has positively impacted your team and employees?

It has enabled a relaxed and professional environment. We know how to play hard and work hard. I believe at the core of building a good culture is valuing each person on the team, really taking the time to know who they are and who we need them to be at work. We want to be part of their personal and professional development. We have created a family environment here at Crimson. 

3. As you look forward, what are some of your plans for improving your culture?

We really listen to our employees. We did a company survey, and the most important benefit was adding health insurance for our team members and therefore, we implemented it earlier this year.

4. If you were a new business owner, how important is it to have a clearly defined culture?

It’s the number one thing to focus on. It’s about people, and people are the ones driving your business forward.

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