Year of the Olive Tree

2021 was the year of the fiddle-leaf fig, 2022 is the year of the olive tree. There has been an 896% increase in searches for faux olive trees since late 2021; we smell a new home decor trend! 

Rooted in middle-Eastern culture, the olive tree has symbolized health, luck and peace for centuries. With a lifespan of nearly 500 years, olive trees are huge producers of not only all things olive, but also for its wood. Attractive and dark veining, this wood is extremely rare and expensive. 

We believe that every space should incorporate some kind of living aspect; trees and plants do just that. Olive trees can be relatively high maintenance, relying on specific care and growing conditions to survive, though they can thrive inside. Their association with Mediterranean culture transforms your space and transports your mind to easy, sea-side living. When fully mature and properly cared for, the olive tree can produce fruit annually – a delicious treat for your hard work bringing this tree to maturation. 

Many trees and tropical indoor plants can thrive indoors if cared for properly. Check out to learn more about olive trees and how you can best care for them.

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