Baxter Park

Luxury Multifamily Housing

A strategic blend of function and aesthetic while remaining classic and timeless was the task we were approached with for the Baxter Park project by our long term partner, Preferred Living. 

Located in New Albany, Baxter Park offers various amenities and functions (hello, year-round pool!) all within one clubhouse. With a classic Ralph Lauren feel, we added unexpected twists of bold colors and patterns while keeping with our client’s brand and aesthetic. 

The standout design element is the grand navy blue bookshelf that holds a striking collection of all white books and accessories. We wanted to provide residents with a fresh take on the den setting and were immediately drawn to the high contrast effects of these colors. The preppy brand aesthetic is drawn into the business center; a private cubby figuration reinvents the typical business center setup. The arched cubbies offer a unique architectural element and are wrapped in a classic plaid wall covering.

Rooted in warm textures and classic finishes, Baxter Park offers a classic “at home” feel for residents; a comforting luxury retreat just minutes away from the city.

– New build
– Designed kitchen, business center, coffee bar, arcade, theater room, fitness center, tanning room and lounge


Developer: Preferred Living

Architect: JBAD

Upholstery: Fortner Inc.

Wallcoverings: Fine & Dandy, Koroseal