The Coventry

Senior Living Community

Our client, Continental Senior Living, wanted a bright and airy space for their residents that remained warm and comfortable throughout. The result is a world-class living experience; found only at The Coventry in Upper Arlington, Ohio.

A comfortable, country-club style space with upscale and timeless design, this fusion of vintage and new created a unique interior design that pays homage to tradition, all while embracing a fresh, aesthetic approach. Our skilled designers were able to deliver spaces, products, and visuals that will stand the test of time, proving a sense of enduring beauty and sophistication. The property adheres to all standards and code requirements, which can be challenging when trying to achieve a certain aesthetic, however we were able to deliver a beautiful design without compromising the comfort and safety of residents.

Programming involved spaces for residents to socialize, be involved, and interact with one another. The heightened need to create various gathering spaces that are versatile in functionality, yet promote use of the common space, appeals to the ‘active senior’ demographic this property is advertised to.

Every space at The Coventry Senior Living Community is special and has outstanding design elements that are unique, yet cohesive and complementary. But we must admit – our favorite design elements are the materials and finishes in the clubroom; dark and moody texture wallcovering, timeless paneling with polished calcutta, brass and black Jade tile on the bar face… All elements lend visual drama, add dimension, and represent the local city’s colors (Go UA Golden Bears!).


Project Partners:

Developer and Builder: Continental Senior Living

Upholstery: Fortner, Inc.

Metalworking: Mark Metalworks

Tile: Hamilton Parker, Florida Tile