River House

Multifamily Housing

Staying true to Preferred Living’s brand color palette, moody jewel tones of emerald and sapphire attract young professionals to River House apartments. A slightly smaller clubhouse footprint than usual, the property still offers the same typical amenities residents seek out – bar area, game room, theatre, lounge, reception.

The clubroom, game room, and bar area is all one large, cohesive space. Each area is well-defined in its own right, yet collaborative with the surrounding areas to encourage socialization throughout the entire space. 

The two-sided fireplace is located in the center of the room, surrounded by large wood beams and columns and a tile flooring inset, making it a standout design element that you can’t miss.
The reception area and clubhouse area are separated by a walkway with drapery framing the opening. It’s stunning when you walk inside to see a small peek of the clubroom through this grand dramatic walkway. A simple, yet mysterious and fun element as you are welcomed into the property of River House. 

– New build
– Designed clubhouse, lobby, corridors, kitchen + coffee bar, business center, lounge, powder rooms, outdoor living space

Developer & Builder : Preferred Living
Upholstery: Fortner Fine Living
Woodworking: Schlabach Woodworks
Window Treatments: Accent
Tile: Hamilton Parker