Station 73 at Battery Park

Luxury Multifamily Housing

In a city quickly evolving from its rust belt history, our client chose to redevelop a luxurious multifamily complex within the burgeoning Battery Park District of Cleveland, Ohio. The thoughtful design of the two-story amenity building serves as a central hub for residents, offering a diverse range of amenities including a fireside lounge with picturesque views of the nearby lake, a bar area designed specifically for cooking demonstration classes, a fully equipped fitness and yoga studio, and private workspaces on the upper floor, catering to the high-demand coworking needs of tenants.


The overarching vision was to incorporate a fusion of mid-century modern and industrial aesthetics, blending the timeless charm of mid-century with the more rugged elements of industrial.


Designing this space posed its share of challenges, which allowed our creativity to flourish.  The primary roadblock was in seamlessly integrating a two-story amenity structure  existing between industrial warehouse-style buildings, while pulling a modern aesthetic to the forefront of the design. Through creative solutioning we were able to create a cohesive and welcoming environment that encourages a life lived-well among residents.


A main focal point of the property was the business center banquette. Sitting at the banquette along the top floor railing gives you not only an overarching view of the clubhouse, but also an unobstructed view of the bright, 2-story mural designed by an artist local to Cleveland. 


Through this project, we’ve crafted a design that’s equal parts impressive and functional. We’ve artfully combined mid-century modern and industrial elements into a captivating design that will leave residents and visitors falling in love with not only the building itself, but the experience as well. 


Project Partners:

Window Treatments: Accent Draperies 

Custom Upholstery: Fortner

Construction: Marous 

Architects: Sullivan Bruck 

Wood flooring/Ceiling/Fitness lockers: David Schlabach