Trevor’s 3

Liquor Store Experience + Cigar Lounge

We don’t do boring! This project in Scottsdale, Arizona transformed a generic space into a hospitality destination, perfect for mingling foodies and liquor enthusiasts.

The vision? A space that channeled the spirit of “Aunt Janice’s basement” from the 1960s. Think mid-century modern aesthetics with a twist: bright plaids, vibrant graphics, and fun patterns. But functionality was key, too; the design had to accommodate a variety of uses while ensuring every material choice offered lasting wear and paid homage to the 1960s vibe.

The building itself presented a unique challenge – a beautiful, yet complex canvas of exposed wood trusses and arches. While these elements added warmth and character, they also posed difficulties with lighting placement and creating intimate areas within the large space. Design Lead Lisa Woods cleverly turned this challenge into an opportunity. The exposed wood ceilings became a focal point, adding rich detail and highlighting the building’s architecture.

Lisa and her team even made a bold on-site decision: eliminating the bar ceiling to fully showcase the unique wooden trusses. The gamble paid off and allowed for a more open and inviting atmosphere.

The eclectic mix of patterned fabrics and layered textures (Lisa’s speciality) were the real showstoppers. Bright turquoise chandeliers add a pop of color, while the floral and plaid booths add a playful, yet functional, touch. These elements work together to create a lively and welcoming space, perfect for gathering to enjoy good food and even better company.

Trevor’s Liquor in Scottsdale, Arizona proves that design can be both functional and fun. By embracing the past and infusing it with a touch of the present, Lisa and her team created a truly standout space that’s already a local favorite.

Project Partners
Builder/GC: Overton Builders
Custom Wine Room Millwork: Heritage Vine
Materials: Florida Tile, Emser Tile, MSI Quartz, Kalco, Arteriors, Visual Comfort Custom Millwork: MCI Woodworks