Approachable Luxury

Contemporary Flair, Livable Luxury

Our clients wanted to create a home that was uniquely “theirs,” bringing things they both love that told both of their stories. A vision of contemporary flair for him, and clean, livable luxury for her, we were able to create practical luxury that reflects both clients personalities and tastes. With a five year old and a dog, the space needed to be easy to clean and comfortable. Although there is a lot of white, it doesn’t feel cold or sterile; we were able to incorporate pops of blue – sky and navy in color – in nearly every room.

We were able to convert a home with a very distinct previous style without having to take it to the studs. We strategically painted, replaced, and swapped several features to make it like new for this family. This is not our client’s only home, so they wanted to be mindful of their budget, but were willing to invest in elements and pieces they absolutely loved. We accomplished what we set out to provide for the clients – approachable luxury.

– Redesign of existing house including kitchen, living room, basement, powder room, laundry room
– Custom designed cabinetry
– Furniture procurement, selection, and design

General Contractors: Heinlen-Follmer, Betley Vistain Builders
Cabinetry: Fairfield Woodworks
Countertops: Chester Smith
Custom Upholstery: Fortner Fine Living