French Influenced

Penthouse Perfection

France has had a powerful relationship with the culture and design of Eastern Europe for hundreds of years. French was the language of the nobility and traveling to France for leisure was a mark of being cultured. It’s no wonder then, that when our clients moved to a highrise in Columbus from Eastern Europe, they asked us for classic French design, with a modern twist. In this, we were faced with a unique challenge.

We were to help to remodel and transform two condo units into one penthouse, uniting the spaces by including touches of French sensibility and classic, Eastern European elegance. We selected artwork created by Russian artists to display throughout the home, along with photographs of landscapes reminiscent of the Russian countryside. Over a palette of cool blues, grays, and lilacs, we layered fine-finished woods, natural granite finishes, metallics, and lush jewel toned fabrics. The kitchen a marble-topped kitchen island that would not be out of place in a Provencal kitchen. In the dining room we paired Romantic chandeliers and chairs with a modern, geometrically detailed dining table. The living room features a custom sofa with a leather ottoman to match. In the sitting area. Tufted, velvet chairs sit nestled beneath a crystal chandelier in an arrangement perfect for conversing, while a second seating area awaits for conversations more appropriate for a tête-à-tête.

– Remodel in Northbank Condo Building
– Merged two units into one penthouse residence
– Kitchen, dining room, master suite, office, guest bedrooms, sitting room, living room, home spa and gym
– Full furnishing design and procurement

General Contractor – Miller Troyer
Custom Gym Equipment – Rogue Fitness
Wallpaper – Hardy Wallpapering
Finishes – Todd Brausch
Draperies – Accent Draperies
Photographer – Stacey van Berkel