Globally Influenced

Travel-Inspired Abode

Our client bought this house because not only was it on a double lot in Bexley with an amazing outdoor area, but it was a house with rich history and a  beautiful framework. The original woodwork, windows and overall quality of the home is incredibly strong and unique. The canvas truly set the project up for success. Her vision was to create a home that her family could feel rooted in with a sense of belonging. She wanted to incorporate all of the beautiful things her family holds close while including pieces collected from their travels around the world. Ultimately, this vision was brought to life and the result was an eclectic symphony of old and new, and color and pattern, finished with stunning Asian, Latin and European influences. The main challenge during the design process was transforming the home’s warm, dark colors and finishes to a neutralized space while maintaining the historical beauty of the home. 


Our client wanted the furniture and art to be the focal point, and the walls and finishes to be the canvas. This goal was achieved by brightening the wall colors and finishes to create a more neutral base for the design. Being a 100 year old home, the floor plan was not open. A major goal was to ensure that each room served a purpose and would be suitable for everyday use. The greatest triumph of this project was creating a sunroom with amazing natural lighting and vibrant blue chairs. Since completion of this space, the sunroom has become the gathering space for the client’s family and friends, and serves as the perfect sanctuary for morning coffee.