Hollywood Regency

Saturated Glamour

Saturated emerald greens, magentas, animal prints, oh my! This client wanted their space to be nothing short of glamorous. Mixing traditional damask prints and animal prints created a balance of updated traditional luxury, paired with vintage inspired sofas and a modern take on Victorian wall sconces.

With the client’s love of such saturated color, we created this space to feel sophisticated and yet classic. The room is anchored in an all black shell to really make the furniture statement pieces POP! With pieces as unique as these, we paid attention to the smallest details so each piece received the credit it deserved and paired well in the space, resulting in a show-stopping living space.

Our client wanted a vintage sofa to tie in the traditional elements of this space. We couldn’t find one that was the right scale and had the right details… so we drew one and had it custom made! We love working with local partners like Fortner to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces that are inspired by our clients’ visions.

We really thought of the details from head to toe…specifically toe with the custom wood floors, classic black and white diamond tile in the foyer, and large custom black and white striped broadloom rug (which is very durable – meaning pet and kid friendly!). 

Stepping into this home feels just like stepping into a 5-star Hollywood hotel – all of the glitz and glamour, feather art and acrylic, and gold metallic fringe make for a dreamy living space and luxurious party spot.

– New build

Wood Flooring: Schlabach Woodworks
Custom Carpet: Masland Carpet
Tile: Hamilton Parker
Custom Upholstery: Fortner