Cheryl Stauffer


When Cheryl founded Crimson Design in 2003, she wondered if it was possible to design joy. Thinking about it some more, she started wondering if joy could also be infused into the entire design experience. Many years, and even more projects, later, Cheryl knows the answer to both is, yes.

Experiencing different people and cultures, understanding diverse points of view, envisioning new design aesthetics that embrace a global perspective… these are the challenges Cheryl loves about her life (and her work.) They’re the ones that push her to grow and change, and that “keep things from ever getting stale.”

For Cheryl, a great design is about connecting where we’ve been with where we’re going, and a great life is about connecting what we’re doing and who we’re doing it with. And as long as it’s done with gratitude and in beauty, with plenty of unexpected discoveries along the way…and with enough time to host a great party, Cheryl is one very happy CEO (+ wife + mother + friend + beauty obsessive.)