Lisa Utrup

Purchasing Expeditor

Education: BS in Business Administration

If you were a chair? I’d be a deep seated arm chair, one that forces you to sink in and relax. I’d be a neutral color, like a cream or a taupe, so that you could accessorize me with statement pillows and throws that could be switched out, at will, to satisfy ever changing tastes and styles. And the view is just as important as the chair itself – I’d be next to a window, looking over bustling city streets.

Favorite Extravagance? If I’m going to splurge on something it’s more likely to be an event or an experience rather than something tangible. I love shopping for my home and for my wardrobe, but I love making memories even more.

Drink of choice? Vodka & Soda is my staple, but crafted cocktails are fun to mix in from time to time.

Can’t live without? Animals. I’m a huge animal person and my home isn’t complete without some furry family members.

Favorite place in the world? There are too many amazing places and things to do to name one, so anywhere with warm and sunny weather that allows me to get out and truly experience my location.

Special skills or hidden talents? I used to be able to know how to do the cup/song trick. It’s been a few years though, so don’t test me on that.

What’s at the top of your bucket list? Just travel. Anywhere and everywhere. Do as the locals do and maybe see a fun band while I’m there.